1 Hour Payday Loans for Holiday Spending

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 9:54 am in Financial Planning, General Payday Loan Tips

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If you’re worried about holiday finances, a payday loan can help you afford your extra expenses this year. Payday loans offer short-term cash for the holiday season which can easily be paid back with your next post-holiday paycheck. Holiday gifts and celebrations don’t have to break the bank. Borrow the cash you need online in just a few easy steps.

1: Finding a Lender

Plently of online payday lenders offer special Christmas cash advances to help customers through the holiday season. Search online for a lender in your state with Christmas payday loans and submit a quick, no fax application for review.

2: Getting Approved

You need a bank account and a reliable source of income to qualify for online payday loans. Check with your payday lender for any additional requirements. Some lenders require their customers to have full-time employment, while others will accept applicants on unemployment or retirement funds as long as they earn at least $800 a month. Make sure you fulfill all your lender’s requirements to increase your chances of getting approved. Payday loans are approved based on your monthly income, so there’s no credit check required. Bad credit won’t be a problem, but make sure you earn enough to pay back your cash loan when the holidays are over.

3: Using Your Loan

Payday lenders wire cash to their customers’ bank accounts in 1 hour after their loans are approved. You will likely receive your cash deposit the same day you apply online. You can withdraw your cash right away or use your debit card for purchases like normal until it’s time to start repaying your loan. Many customers borrow payday loans around the holidays to buy gifts or stay on top of their regular monthly bills.

Your lender will automatically withdraw money from your bank account when it’s time to pay back your holiday cash loan. Many lenders offer the choice to pay the balance in full on payday, or pay with smaller installments over several paydays until the loan is paid in full. Choose the payment plan that works best for your budget.

Apply online for your Christmas payday loan today!

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