A Guide to Cash Advance Lenders

Posted on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 3:53 pm in General Payday Loan Tips, Helpful Payday Loan Info

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There are a number of factors to consider when comparing cash advance lenders. How quickly do you need your cash? Is there a lending store nearby or do you need to borrow cash online? How much interest can you afford? How much do you need? Do you prefer a differet payment plan? Understanding what different lenders have to offer will help you make the best decision in finding the cash advance loan that’s right for you.

Storefront Cash Advance Lenders

Cash advances and payday loans were originally offered by lenders in storefronts and are still available in person today. Many cities and large towns have payday lenders on nearly every corner for convenient access. If you have a payday lender near you, you can walk in with your state ID, a recent pay stub and bank statement and walk out with the cash loan you need in just a few minutes.

Storefront lenders have the drawback of not offering payment plans for their short term loans. To borrow a cash advance from a payday loan store, you’ll need to present a personal check post-dated for your next payday. Your cash advance lender will deposit the check for payment on the date written on the check. If you need a different payment plan, storefront payday loans may not be your best option.

Online Cash Advance Lenders

Cash advances borrowed online can take a little longer to process than storefront payday loans, but have the added convenience of 24/7 availability from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You don’t need to run an extra errand when you need cash; you can just go online, search for a licensed lender in your state, and submit a simple application with your financial information online. Online cash advance lenders typically approve their loans within 1 hour and wire cash to the customer’s bank account soon after. You’ll usually have your cash within the same day you apply, but not quite as instantly as leaving a payday loan store with a check in hand.

Online cash advance lenders have the advantage of flexible payment plans. Customers can elect to repay their loan in full on their next payday, or extend payments over several paydays for smaller installments. Online cash advance lenders offer loans and payment plans for every budget.

Consider your financial needs before settling on a lender. Then borrow the cash you need for financial peace of mind.

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