Affordable Instant Cash Loans

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 10:58 am in Financial Planning

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You don’t have to pay high fees for the cash you need. If you normally overdraw your bank account when you’re short on cash, you can save a ton of money by borrowing instant online cash loans instead. All it takes is a 60 second application to get cash wired in 1 hour when you need it most. And unlike bank overdraft fees, you only need to pay a small one-time fee to borrow up to $1500 cash instantly.

Let’s compare the cost of an average bank overdraft fee with the cost of an online cash loan. Payday loans and bank overdraft fees both work on the same short-term lending principle, providing funds when you need them until you fill your bank account with cash again on payday. However, the cost make a big difference.

When you overdraw your bank account, the bank charges you a $35 fee to front the cash for you. You also get charged $35 for every transaction you make while your account is is still overdrawn. All those fees can add up fast, especially when your next payday is 2 weeks away. A recent study showed that the average consumer pays an APR of over 4500% on overdraft fees in a typical year. That’s a lot of cash wasted on the bank!

Instant cash loans cost significantly less than a bank overdraft fee and works in a similar way. A lender provides up to $1500 cash to hold you over until your next payday at a fee of around $15. (That’s a one-time fee, not a fee for every cash transaction like your bank charges!) When you deposit your paycheck on payday, your lender automatically withdraws your payment and interest from your bank account. The average APR on a payday cash loan is nearly 10 times lower than bank overdraft fees.

Save yourself some valuable cash. Borrow cash loans online the next time you need some extra funds.

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