Payday Loans in New Jersey

Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2009 at 2:47 pm in Cash Loan Info by State

New Jersey was badly hit by the current recession in the US economy. Unemployment rate in New Jersey till 2008 was 4.8% of the total population of the state. The economy of this state is making a fast recovery and people are getting back to the swing of life despite pay cuts and depleting savings. However, even with such optimistic attitude it has to be conceded that life is full of twists and turns and it’s really impossible to predict when you might be in need of instant cash. As a resident of the state of New Jersey if you remain constantly worried about how to cope up with your sudden financial exigencies with major pay cuts in your salary and meager saving, then you need not be worried any more. There is a new type of loan option called payday loans which offer temporary monetary relief to you, so that you can take care of unexpected financial needs.

You might need money due any medical emergency if your medical insurance has already expired or you might suddenly need money to take care of any broken down household item like a broken AC or refrigerator which needs to be replaced immediately. These kinds of sudden emergencies might throw you in a tizzy; but there are quite a few lending agencies in New Jersey which would offer you with short term payday loans. Quick and convenient access cash for emergency needs is the basic tenet of payday loans.

New Jersey is one of the few states that prohibits payday loans with state laws. Some other states which prohibit payday loans are Vermont, Maine, Maryland Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. There are various prohibitions on interest rate caps and cash checking to restraint rampant payday loans in New Jersey. However, this doesn’t prevent the loan agencies in New Jersey from extending payday loans in a round about manner. The interests levied on the payday loan amount are shown as service fees and this makes it easier for you to get hold of the payday loan which you need so desperately.

Since these loans doesn’t involve any collateral or mortgage and are given without elaborate credit check these short term loans in New Jersey are extended with just a day or two. All you need is an employment proof depicting that you are a permanent employee with your organization and get regular remuneration. Your identity proof should elucidate that you are a consenting adult taking a loan. These would suffice for you to get hold of an emergency short term loan in New Jersey.

Payday Lenders in Philadelphia, PA include:

Market Street
Suite 462
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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