Direct Deposit Cash Advances

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 3:19 pm in Helpful Payday Loan Info, Miscellaneous Cash Loan Info

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Payday lenders offer versatile short-term credit options to help solve temporary cash flow problems. Need to pay your bills on time or fund an emergency expense, but worried that payday is too far away? You can borrow an advance payday cash loan for direct deposit into your bank account for those bills and expenses that fall between paychecks and can’t wait another two weeks. Direct deposits make cash advance loans easy to get and easy to pay back when your payday finally comes around again.
Here’s how direct deposit cash advances work: Fill out a 100% secure online application with your identifying and banking information and submit it to your online payday loan lender for review. Qualified applicants can expect 1-hour approval and fast transfer of the cash they need – up to $1500 directly deposited into your account the very same day! How do you qualify for a same-day cash advance? It’s easy. Are you:
  • A US citizen?
  • At least 18 years of age?
  • The owner of an active checking or savings account?
  • Employed for at least 3 months at your current job? (or can provide proof of income from another source like Social Security or unemployment)
  • Making at least $800 a month?
Then you can qualify for instant approval from your online payday loan lender! Your direct deposit cash advance is just a few clicks away with an easy, 3-step application. You’ll need to provide your lender with identification (usually your Social Security number, which is also used to verify your employment or income) and banking information (so you can receive your direct deposit cash amount), so make sure your lender is reputable with a secure application to protect your privacy. There’s no fax and no credit check to worry about from an online payday lender, so you can receive your cash fast, the same day you need it.
When it’s time to pay back your loan on payday, your lender will automatically deduct the full payment from your bank account, unless you’ve arranged another payday loan payment plan. 
Getting a direct deposit cash advance is fast and easy with online payday lenders. Don’t wait for payday for the cash you need. Get your online cash advance from a lender today!

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