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Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2009 at 2:49 pm in Cash Loan Info by State

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Payday loans are ideal for temporary pocket pinches. If you are a resident of Virginia, USA and are temporarily cash strapped then you can get rid of your short-term financial woes with the help of payday loans. A pay day loan can save you from defaulting on your mortgage payment or paying credit card installments. If you have already depleted your saving before your salary is due and you want to avoid a late fine for your installment payments or make some emergency repairs then a payday loan can solve your problems. Moreover, Virginia is a state in which lending out payday loans is absolutely legal. That is why you won’t have any trouble to acquire a payday loan in Virginia.

Since payday loans are approved by Virginia state government, there is no paucity of payday loan agencies in Virginia. Surveys prove that there are nearly 770 payday lending agencies operating in the state of Virginia. These payday outlets and agencies are spread all over the state of Virginia but they are mainly concentrated over major Virginian cities like Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond and Newport. The Virginia state laws regarding payday loans are also quite standard ones. These laws are similar to the laws of other states in USA like New Hampshire which has made payday loans absolutely legal.

The law of the state of Virginia stipulates that a payday loan can be extended for a minimum period of 7days. However, the maximum tenure for a payday loan has not been stipulated by law. Usually payday loans are extended for a period of 15-30 days. There is no rule regarding the minimum amount of payday loan that you opt to take in Virginia. However the maximum loan amount is stipulated at $500. That is why if you need more than $500 for any fiscal emergency, then you might have to opt to take multiple payday loans in Virginia.

The rate of interest stipulated for payday loan agencies is usually about 15%. In other words you might end up shelling out an extra $30 for a loan of $200. The APR or Annual Percentage Rate of payday loans in Virginia is in average about 390%. However, you must keep in mind the facts that payday loans are completely hassle-free loans where you don’t have to submit oodles of paper work and take the rounds of banks to get your loan approved.

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