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Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at 11:01 am in Helpful Payday Loan Info, Miscellaneous Cash Loan Info

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Payday lending is not a new concept. Payday loan lenders have operated in towns and cities across America for decades, providing short term loans for people in all kinds of communities who need fast cash for emergency expenses. Getting a payday loan now is easier than ever as payday loan lenders are moving their storefronts from street corners to online websites. Regardless of where you go to borrow a cash advance, payday loan lenders still work the same.
Payday loan lenders provide short term loans for individuals who need fast cash. A cash advance from a payday loan lender doesn’t require a credit check and the approval rate is higher and faster than waiting for a loan from your bank. Payday loan lenders don’t need your credit score because they base your approval on your monthly income, not your credit history. As long as the amount of your cash advance can be paid in full with your next pay check, your lender will instantly approve your application and wire funds directly to your bank account within 24 hours. Many payday loan lenders promise cash in 1 hour of approval. 
Payday loan lenders are sometimes criticized as being loan sharks because their cash advances carry high annual percentage rates. This is conception is misguided however, by a misconception of how annual percentage rates (APR) are calculated. APR is used to compare types of long term loans that are paid back in a year or more, like credit cards or home loans. Payday loans are different because of their short term nature. A payday loan cash advance is paid back in a month, resulting in a low actual interest. Fees charged by payday loan lenders are lower than the APR from a bank’s overdraft fees or the interest on a monthly credit card bill.
Payday loan lenders provide the cash you need when you need it, whether online or in person. Get started with a payday loan lender in your area today by filling out or simple and secure online form and get your cash today!

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