Payday Loans: When is the Right Time?

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 10:47 am in General Payday Loan Tips

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Like all things, payday loans have a time and a place. Although instant payday loans can be extremely helpful when you need cash, there are certain situations when to use a payday loan, and when you have other options available. First, let’s start by discussing what a payday loan does.

An instant payday loan is a small cash loan which is transferred to the borrower easily then paid back during the borrowers next pay period. In order to qualify for an online cash advance, you must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, have an active bank account, have been at your current job for at least three months and have a monthly income of at least $750. The reason for this is, a payday loan is based upon your future income and employment history. Instant payday loans were created for working people who might just need a little bit of help when stuck between paychecks. A payday loan is usually paid back in less than a month and is usually no more than $1,500.

An instant payday loan should be used for an immediate financial emergency. If you find yourself stuck between paydays and need money, you should get a payday loan. For instance, if you or your family are suddenly dealing with a medical emergency or you need to get the car fixed immediately. But you won’t be paid for another week or so. This is the ideal situation for a payday loan. The most important thing is to consider your own situation, do your research and review your payday lender before applying.

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